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Concerns sydney harbour fishermen poisoned by water pollution in south-east

Concerns sydney harbour fishermen poisoned by water pollution in south-east

Marlins boss Tom Harley is among those calling for an inquiry into what appeared to be the widespread contamination of the harbour by industrial waste which is an issue in his team.

Marlins owner George Gillett today said he found no proof he was aware of a fish-netting company operating in the harbour but would ask the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption to launch an investigation.

The owner of fish-netting company Sea Org is one of two owners of a vessel that dumped waste into t더킹카지노he harbour.

“Sea Org has never been associated with this wastegospelhitz and I have the assurance of the company it’s been run by for a very long time and we don’t have any evidence to the contrary,” he said.

“If a vessel was operating, I’d be concerned if the waste was being pumped into the harbour and from our view we have very clean water.

“We have a 100 per cent clean water system, we’ve also been using a system that’s been certified.

“There’s no evidence that our waste is being pumped into the harbour as there’s been no waste and, from my point of view, there’s not much difference in the quality of the water you have and what you’d get if the waste was discharged into the harbour.

“There seems to be an obvious connection between the two but I am still waiting for the results.”

Mr Harley said the boat used for the survey, a Tullamarine, had not been operated since the 1960s.

“The other one is an older boat and this was in 2009,” he said.

“I don’t know what the source of the harbour pollution was.

“I will have a look at that one after seeing how it turns out.

“What I can be confident of is the sewage was being pumped through a pipe into the harbour.

“That pipe was in place since around 1998 and the sewage, to my mind, is not that old and it is not coming from the harbour itself.”

The owner of the Sea Org told the Sunday Telegraph he was proud of his work and did not doubt the findings.

“I’m really proud of what I’ve done in the past and the boat is definitely good to go,” he said.

“I t카지노 사이트hink the evidence shows that there is clean water in the harbour and I really feel that we should have that evidence an

Female artists popular culture mark tattoo industry’s centenary year

Female artists popular culture mark tattoo industry’s centenary year

By Aileen S. Murphy

The ink is still smeared, with ink still flowing and tattooed on the neck and cheeks. On any other day in the year the tattoo industry would be celebrating a milestone and enjoying its 100th year of existence. But for some artists, the industry is celebrating its centenary year.

In April, three artists and tattooers were honored by the National Museum of American Indian Tattooing in Davenport for the 100th anniversary of the National Tattoo Exhibition held from June 11-18, 1970.

“From the first tattooing demonstration and demonstration with the Indian Bandana Association in the early-to-mid 1880′s, the tradition of Native American artwork spread across th카지노 사이트e country. Some tattoo artists have even moved to the South during the years of the Civil Rights Movement to show their work in schools and on social and political issues,” said Arturo Ceballos Jr., curator of the museum.

While the artists, whose stories were told in Todt, were recognized in attendance, the main part of the event was about the story behind how tattoo artists first emerged in America.

Ana Ceballos

Ana Ceballos, 75, a native of Los Angeles who came to tattoo in South Dakota in 1977, shared that the “trying to prove something to me” part of the process had given her access to the art as she was in the beginning.

“You can start with anything if you find out that it’s right because we were trying to prove something to God,” said 카지노 사이트Ceballos, who was born as Tereesa Ceballos, and who was born in the same state as Todt. “If it’s right that’s an a바카라rt that is made for God. When people come to us and tell us we have to do these things, it’s about what are we doing as artists?”

Ceballos, who attended the event with her wife Mitzi Bufano and has tattooed since 1996, was inspired to create her first designs with her friend’s wife. “It took a lot of time to decide what I would go with, but after reading stories about tattoos from Todt, I started to see how tattoos can symbolize our people,” said Ceballos.

The two decided in the mid-1990s they wanted to create their own tattoo parlor as a tribute to Todt